Frequently Asked Questions/Shipping information

I've provided some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.  Clicking on any question opens up a new page in a pop-up window.   Have a question that is not answered here?  Send me an email!

  • How are shipping charges determined?
  • How large are the plants you ship?
  • Why can't you ship my plants during the winter/very early spring?
  • How do you ship your plants and seeds?
  • Is your server really secure?
  • I don't feel comfortable using my credit card online, can I mail a check?
  • How do I qualify for free shipping and discounted prices?
  • How do I plant my new plants?
  • How do I plant my new seeds?
  • When do you bill my credit card/cash my check?
  • Do you ship outside of the United States?
  • How do you determine "List Price"?
  • What is your rust status?
  • About our Pictures.
  • What is your guarantee?
  • Do you send bonus plants?


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